120° Cupolas in Turin


Aging and weather conditions resistant, PMMA extruded (commonly called Plexiglas) it’s particularly suitable to the realization of 120° or 180° cupolas in Turin, also for the transparency and polishing feature of this product. Its usage it’s very suggested for surveillance and safety of internal and external areas with hidden zones as it is in supermarkets, shops, the exit of driveways or wherever a wider visual check is required. More over, PMMA extruded cupolas are a good zenith lighting system. Lighting cupolas can have sail or pyramid shape, with simple, double or triple side, squared, rounded or rectangular base, to be as suitable as it can to environment conditions. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, PMMA extruded cupolas can be used in the houses as in commercial centre or in big industries: an evaluated product, guaranteed through the years.
Polymethilmethacrylate extruded (also called Plexyglas or acrylic) is used especially in building, architecture, nautical, lighting and industry sectors. Aesthetic features, transparency, colourability, planarity and optical purity and its thermophorming let this product to be used in various areas. It is easy to work on with machine tools (cut, turning, puncture, milling) and laser. Polymethilmethacrylate extruded is easy to polish with the right tools and it is bondable.
Before to choose to use PMMA extruded for the production of a cupola it is important to evaluate with the SAI MIRROR ACRYLIC MIRRORS technical staff, if the qualities and the defects are good or not for the realization of the product.
Here following, the qualities and the defects of PMMA extruded:
- QUALITIES: Optical purity, planarity, colourability, polishing, good aging and weather conditions resistance, thermophorming, bondability, FDA feeding certification.
- DEFECTS: bad mechanical resistance, no impact resistance, low chemical resistance, it can have problems with internal tension.


Differently from PMMA extruded, Polycarbonate (PC) has got high impact resistance. This structural feature makes polycarbonate more appreciated then Plexiglas in the realization of cupolas with reflecting mirrors which must endure through vandalism and break-in acts. Polycarbonate has got the particular feature to be the technopolymer more resistant to impact. More over it does not yellow because it is UV rays resistant. Polycarbonate mirrored cupolas are produced by SAIMIRROR ACRYLIC MIRRORS with 120° and 180° of visual area.
Our company produce polycarbonate cupolas also with sail and pyramid shapes. PC cupolas, differently from PMMA extruded (plexyglas or acrylic), are not transparent and they don’t allow sunlight to pass. But they can be reflecting mirrored, opal or coloured. Moreover they can have single, double or triple side to obtain a better thermal insulation. Especially opal colour is optimal for light diffusion. To personalize PC cupolas, for example with the company name, it is possible to change some particulars in order to obtain special effects and unique and original colours. 

Polycarbonate cupolas, differently from PMMA extruded ones, offer the following features:
- QUALITIES: high aggressive agents resistance, purity and optical quality, they don’t drip in fire, Aging resistance.
- DEFECTS: They are not transparent but mirrored.
- 600 MM
- 800 MM
- 1000 MM