Parabolic mirrors in Turin 


Principal characteristic of parabolic PMMA extruded mirrors (only the reflecting side) realized from SAIMIRRO ACRYLIC MIRRORS is to be robust and weather conditions resistant. More over they are not heavy, cheap, unbreakable and safe. They are well distinguished because of the ability to reflect as a true mirror, they can be transformed and hot bendable to have the curvature desired. Edges are not sharp thanks to the laser precision cut. Used with a 90° curvature especially to check and to access to the road crossing, the parabolic mirrors are utilised in those sectors where safe and surveillance are required, for example at the exit from warehouse, depot and garages.
Most common in buildings, architecture, nautical, illumination and in industry sectors, the polymethilmethacrylate extruded ( also called Plexiglas or acrylic) is much appreciated for its aesthetical characteristics, planarity and optical purity, for thermoforming which allows this material to be adapted to many fields. It is easy to work on with machine tools and laser. PMMA extruded is polished only with particular facility and it is bondable.
Parabolic mirrors in Turin  can be realized in PMMA extruded but also in polycarbonate (PC). SAIMIRROR ACRYLIC MIRRORS will evaluate with the customer which material would be the right one, keeping in mind the merits and the defects of every choice. 


With curvature of 90°, polycarbonate parabolic mirrors in Turin (only reflecting side) are impact, fire and weather conditions resistant. They are used especially to check and to enter in road crossing, but also to guarantee more safety and surveillance in particular in the exit from warehouse, depot and garages.
Between the qualities of Polycarbonate there is tensile and abrasion strength (for mechanical uses), aging and weather condition resistance (for external uses), insulating behaviour (for electrical uses), transparency and polishing (for aesthetical uses).

It is often substituted to the glass for the realization of parabolic mirrors thanks to its impact resistance also with low temperatures, it doesn’t yellow with the sun and, having a good UV rays resistance, it’s dimensionally stable. To the opposite, Polycarbonate has not got good auto-lubrication characteristics and it is attacked by oils and fats. What makes this product suitable for the realization of parabolic mirrors it’s its ability to be curved with cold working.
Not only for parabolic mirrors, Polycarbonate is also used in sheets to make particular canopy, gazebos or greenhouses thanks to its thermo insulating properties and to its transparency and lightness.
Polycarbonate can be alveolar (fire resistant, thermo insulating and radiation reflecting), raw (ideal for parabolic mirrors) or compact (very weather resistant, transparency as true glass, extremely flexible and optimal thermal and acoustic insulation guaranteed).
600x400x3 MM
600x800x3 MM