Polycarbonate sheets in Turin 


Polycarbonate silver mirror sheets offers high optical and mechanical features. Most of all, mechanical and heat resistance is what makes this kind of product much used in sectors where fire resistance certification is required. One of the most common usage of this material is in the realization of furnishing in many public areas (discotheques, stands, boutique), theatre scenography or warehouse and shed covering. Saimirror company produces polycarbonate sheets in Turin characterized from good resistance to weather conditions and perfect to obtain, through different processing, such as cut, stamp or hot air thermoforming, milling, incision, etc., reflecting objects in various shape and uses. This allows the usage of this material in many fields, for example: building, automotive, gadgets and exhibitors, illuminated signs, furnishing, fashion sector, electronics for computer screen, in optics for glasses lenses, in transports for helmets and deflectors, in military equipment for bullet-proof glasses and riot shields. The possibility to sterilize this material has allowed the usage in dialysis and cardiac surgery equipment, incubator and aerosol. This sheets, thanks to their resistance, lightness and versatility, are used to make covering, windows and designer creations.

Polycarbonate sheets in Turin  has got mechanical uses (tensile strength, abrasion), external uses (weather and aging resistance), electrical uses ( non-conducting), aesthetical uses (transparency, polishing). Polycarbonate, in polish and protected sheets is used especially in protection and unbreakable shelter instead of glass. It shows, in fact, a good impact and UV rays resistance.
To make canopies and covers it is produced in alveolar translucent sheets with one or more internal quarries to empower its heat insulating and sound absorbing characteristics. Also in raw form it keeps its optimal features about electrical and impact resistance, even if, as a amorphous polymer it is not good to obtain mechanical pieces.

POLISHED POLYCARBONATE: between its qualities there is transparency, impact resistance, dielectric properties, dimensional stability, heat and radiation resistance.
To the opposite, it has not got good self-lubrication characteristics and it is attacked by oils and fats.
It has got a good application in mechanical and automotive industry to the realization of precision mechanical pieces for the optimal dimensional
stability; in electronic for computer screens.

RAW POLYCARBONATE: as the polished polycarbonate it is transparent, it has got good impact resistance, dielectric properties, dimensional stability and good heating and radiation resistance.
It has not got good self-lubrication characteristics. Bars of every diameter and high thickness sheets has got raw superficial finishing. As the polished one, it has got application in automotive and electric sectors.

ALVEOLAR POLYCARBONATE: ideal for external uses (greenhouse and external structures covering) thanks to its optimal weather condition and aging resistance, further more it has a good insulating quality which allows its usage in electrical sector. It is also used in internal and external furnishing and to the realization of gadgets and objects. Alveolar polycarbonate is used also in parabolic mirrors and cupolas and thanks to it’s particular geometrical structure it is able to support big weights such as rain or snow. It has not got good chemical characteristics because it is attacked by solvents.