With 20 years of experience in the plastics field and the production of mirrored sheets in Turin, SAIMIRROR ACRYLIC MIRRORS company is made up of a team of 3 technicians specialised in the plastics field, a sales with 10 years of experience and the sole director of the company. The goal
of the company is to spread on the national and international markets a high-quality mirrored product. In order to achieve this the staff keeps abreast of metallization technologies in high vacuum parts regularly, and is happy to share its own technical know how with customers, resellers and distributors in Italy and from all over the world, fostering the development of new partnerships, proving to be in any circumstance trustworthy and cooperative. The materials that are used during the production process allow to  manufacture high-quality mirrored products, thanks to the systems specially designed and tested by in-house technicians. The several uses of the manufactured mirrored plastic materials and their versatility allow to meet any requirement of the customer. The goal of the company is to spread on the national and international markets a high-quality mirrored product:

• PMMA Extruded Mirrored Sheets in cast and Polycarbonate
• Mirrored cupolas for the visual check of hidden areas
• Parabolic mirrors for accident-prevention and road signs
• Mirroring of plastic materials
• Tailor-made cut

The Production of Mirrored Materials

Saimirror company of Turin produces PMMA Extruded sheets (silver mirror, coloured mirror, double-sided mirror, SEE-THROUGH, mono-satin cast silver mirror), Polycarbonate sheets (silver mirror), parabolic mirrors with a 90° curvature (in PMMA extruded and Polycarbonate) and cupolas 120°-180°(in PMMA extruded and polycarbonate).The fields in which we can use such irroring materials are : 

• Automotive industry for the resistance to atmospheric agents and their aesthetic features, different details of automobiles are made up of reflective plastic material such as light coverings, parts of bodyworks and components for indoors.
• Furnishing: The very good quality and the meticulous production control, enable the use of PMMA and polycarbonate mirroring plastic materials in any place, either indoor or of urban outdoor furnishing.

• Gadgets and Gifts
• Road signs: a specific production of mirroring plastic products is given to the use in those places where safety must be ensured with the highest  iscretion.
• Accident-prevention: the quality of the materials and resistance to atmospheric agents and knocks enable the use of mirroring plastic products also in places with poor visibility.

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